GO Fitness Stay Clear Of These Fitness Mistakes

Fitness Mistakes, Are You Making Them?


You may not notice it, but there are fitness mistakes happening all around you at the gym! These mistakes can be wasting time, putting people in danger, and sometimes are just not smart! Without knowing, you may have even made a mistake or two.

Here are GO: Fitness, we want to help you move past these common gym mistakes and get right onto the fast track of results. Here are five common fitness mistakes we see, and the solutions you need to steer clear of danger and get fit safely.


When working out, you want to challenge your muscles. Completing all your repetitions too easily means your weight is on the light side. When the weight you are using is too heavy, you will not be able to complete the full range of motion and you will need to cheat on form.

When you use the correct weights you will feel taxed the last couple of repetitions. You should be able to complete them with correct form.


It is not uncommon to see people at the gym doing the same thing every time. You might even be stuck in a rut yourself.

Exercise routines need to be changed up. If you do them for too long, they will not be as effective. If you are not sure when to change up your routine, do it at least every 4 weeks.


Warming up is NOT a waste of time! Don’t make this common mistake of jumping straight into your workout. When you warm up properly, you will be able to exercise at a higher intensity.

The reason you warm up is to raise the temperature of your muscles. A good warm up should last in between 5 and 10 minutes.


Unfortunately bad form is everywhere! Bad form usually comes from people who are not paying attention or when they are trying to use a weight that is too heavy for them. Injury almost always occurs when using bad form.

It is important to make an effort and learn proper form. You will avoid injury and get a better workout when you do.


Having someone workout with you will challenge you more, hold you more accountable, and get you better results. It makes sense that by having someone there with you, you will push yourself harder.

The absolute best way to workout is with one of our personal coaches, of course! They will help you remain injury free, all while helping you get the most out of your time at the gym. At GO: Fitness, we want everyone to see results and keep clear of these gym mistakes.

Call or email today and we will get your first workout scheduled!

Please download a copy of our article, GO: Fitness Common Fitness Mistakes for reference.

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Go Fitness Columbus Ohio Gym Moderation and Consistency In Exercising

Moderation and Consistency In Exercising

Moderation and Consistency In Exercising Are Key

One of my favorite things in my career is getting a new client! There is nothing as exciting to see her/him ready to begin a new fitness journey, and willing to make some major life changes. They really have a contagious inspiring energy about them, and getting to watch their transformation is what I train for!

There is one problem I see over and over again at the beginning of people’s transformations- over-training. Their thought pattern appears to go, if 20 of an exercise is good….. 30 is obviously better! The thought is that, more is better and leads to faster results. In this case, it is not true! Training this way can cause injuries, and possibly postpone future workouts. To be successful with your
fitness goals, it is more important to use moderation and consistency. When it comes to exercise and getting maximum results, you only need to do the minimum required!

Think about the use of medication as an example. For a headache, you may take 200mg of your favorite pain reliever. It is unnecessary to take more than that amount. Taking lOOOmg will not give you relief any faster, and can be harmful to your body. Over training your body will not get you quicker, or better, results. What it can do is cause you to burnout faster, or worse- cause injury! When you push yourself past your ability, without rest and recovery, you are more likely to tear or strain muscles.

When you first start your fitness adventure, use moderation instead of pushing at an impossible intensity to maintain. It is more likely to cause you to burnout and give up. Remember, moderation and consistency are key.

Doing something everyday has a greater impact than something you do occasionally.

Following your fitness plan and completing the minimum required daily may not be terribly exciting, and your daily growth may not be measurable. It is necessary to give the plan time to work, and you will be rewarded with results. You are becoming stronger daily, and others will start to notice.

Remember to take care of yourself, and do the minimum required for max results. When exercising, do what is necessary, not over! If you’re not sure what is necessary, we are always here to help!

If you are just beginning your fitness journey and want to know where you start, check out our fitness calculators. You can also download this article, Moderation and Consistency for future reference.

GO Fitness Columbus Gym Exercising Increases Academic Performance

Exercising Increases Academic Performance

Exercising Increases Academic Performance

The new school year is underway! With it, there is the pressure to perform. How well you perform in school directly impacts the year’s success. It will also affect your future career possibilities.

How does this connect to health and fitness?

In all aspects! The research conducted shows that physical exercise directly impacts a student’s academic performance positively. When done daily, exercise can increase focus, learning, and grades.

Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Ratey book, Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, includes studies that when a student begins to exercise daily there is a drastic increase in their performance.

City Park Collegiate, an inner city school in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, was experiencing both behavior and academic issues. They decided to bring treadmills into the classrooms. When the students began to use them, their behavior and academic focus improved.

With the use of treadmills, the students had better concentration and their grades began to rise. It happened as quickly as just 4 months in Allison Cameron’s class. The percentage of increase was in between 27%-36%, and math levels were similarly increased 1. This increase came from only 20 minutes of physical activity each morning.

How Does Exercise Accomplish This?

Scientists are continuing to research this subject. When exercise is introduced, it creates a new pathway in the brain that helps learning. Exercise also appears to increase new brain cell growth, which is called Neurogenesis. Learning will take place on these new pathways built when the brain cell grow 2.

More schools then just City Park are seeing positive changes in academics and behaviors with exercise. Naperville Central High School, in west Chicago, is seeing increased academics in reading, math3 and science.

What Have We Learned?

Exercise needs to be implemented, if it has not already. The benefits of such activities are not only for the health, but academics as well. There are many ways to fit in a good workout. Exercising will help improve your study time, give it a try!

You can download our Exercising Increases Academic Performance article here.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance and summer have more in common then you may think!

As temperatures warm for the summer, fresh fruits and vegetables become more readily available – but it also brings a risky craving with it.

Nothing sounds better during a summer heat wave then ice cream or a nice fruity cocktail. These are foods that have huge effects on your blood sugar levels. These tasty treats can be leading you towards a lifetime of illness.

What You Need To Know About Blood Sugar

With each treat you eat that contains sugar, your blood sugar level will rise. What is your blood sugar? It is the amount of sugar (glucose) that is running through your bloodstream currently. When you have too much glucose, it becomes very dangerous. When your blood sugar level gets high, your body fights hard to lower it. During this time, your body starts to release insulin, which is a hormone that gives your cells the ability to take in the extra glucose.

What is the dangerous part? When you continue to eat large amounts of sugar, your body in turn releases more insulin. The more insulin that is released, the more resistance your cells become to it. This is what insulin resistant is considered.

Your body then requires more and more insulin in order to have your cells remove the glucose. Your blood sugar level does not drop properly, your insulin levels are up, and you begin to develop pre-diabetes.


It’s not the end of those delicious treats just yet! Make smart choices, you need to be careful about what you eat and when.

The glycemic index is a very helpful tool! You can categorize food by the glucose levels created in your blood. If a particular food has a high glycemic index, it will cause more glucose than one with a lower glycemic index.
It is best to eat lots of foods on the lower end of the glycemic index. When you do indulge with a high glycemic index treat, try eating a low glycemic food with it. This will help control the increase in glucose.

High Glycemic Foods Examples ( 70 or more )

  • White bread or bagel
  • Corn flakes, puffed rice, bran flakes, instant oatmeal
  • Shortgrain white rice, rice pasta, macaroni and cheese from mix
  • Russet potato, pumpkin
  • Pretzels, rice cakes, popcorn, saltine crackers
  • Melons and pineapple

Low Glycemic Foods Examples ( 55 or less )

  • 100% stone-ground whole wheat or pumpernickel bread
  • Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut), oat bran, muesli
  • Pasta, converted rice, barley, bulgar
  • Sweet potato, corn, yam, lima/butter beans, peas, legumes and lentils
  • Most fruits, non-starchy vegetables and carrots
    • Learn about what you are eating and where it falls on the glycemic index. Try to reduce the stress on your body by making some simple changes. When you choose to have that sugary treat, try to have it after a low glycemic meal. It would be even better if you ate it on a resistance-training day!

      Keep your sugar consumption low and occasional, and your body will be thanking you!

      You can download our article on insulin resistance here.

GO Fitness Columbus Ohio Gym Avoid Summer Weight Gain

Avoid Summer Weight Gain

Avoid Summer Weight Gain By Not Relaxing On Your Fitness And Diet Routine During Summer

Summer weight gain is no joke! Everything slips into relax mode, including your diet and fitness routine. Remember the time and effort you put into where you are at now. Don’t let that weight gain creep in by making bad choices. Read our article about how to avoid summer weight gain, GO Fitness Avoiding Summer Weight Gain 2016, and find out how you can keep clear of those pitfalls.