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Here at Go: Fitness, in Columbus, OH, we are different. We are not your traditional gym. At GO: Fitness we provide a health club and fitness training to meet your goals, utilizing innovative functional training. Functional training is fitness training that trains and strengthens your body for the diverse activities performed in daily life. We believe there is more to health and fitness than enduring countless hours on a treadmill, calorie restricted diets, or the same old-style non-relevant equipment. To us, fitness is about being up on your feet, moving in multiple directions, and getting stronger in your core, so you can enjoy the activities you do outside of the gym, in your real life!

Our experienced staff of certified coaches is available to assist you with your fitness goals. We know that the secret to successful fitness achievement is the proper fitness program and the support you need to maintain it. That is why we emphasize the connections between our members and our coaches giving members all the tools they need to get the results they want. You can see all the excellent amenities and services that come with a membership when you join our growing GO: Fitness family. We cannot wait to see you around the gym.