We have gathered our FAQS for you.

Please feel free to search these FAQS here for answers, or to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We have seperated our FAQS into membership, scheduling, staffing, equipment, personal trainers, functional training, athletes, children and teens.

GO Fitness FAQS


Q: Can I try out the fitness center before I join? Click For Answer

Absolutely! Come in to Go: Fitness and be our guest for one day. That's right - you can call in and set your appointment to work out and get information on our facility. We will have your towel, locker, and one of our professional staff ready for you when you get here. You will be introduced to the staff and clientele of Go: Fitness and made to feel right at home.
10 Day Trial

All we ask is that you are over 20, bring a local picture ID, and go on a tour. So, if you live or work in the area, you will qualify for a 10-day trial if you need it to decide about membership.

Q: What types of membership do you have at the gym? Click For Answer

We have many membership options: Month-by-Month, Annual, Limited Time of the Day, Unlimited, Student/Senior, Partner Memberships (same address), Basic Memberships, and Memberships that included Group or Personal Coaching. We have the options you need to fit your budget and to meet your goals.

Q: How much does a gym membership cost? Click For Answer

The memberships start as low as $29 a month and go up, depending on what you want/need in a membership.

Q: I’m on a budget. Can I pay for my membership monthly or do I have to pay for the full year up front? Click For Answer

Since we have payment options for paid in full, or monthly options, you can choose which ever you want.

Q: Do I have to join for a year? Am I obligated to a long-term contract when I join Go: Fitness Center? Click For Answer

No. We have Annual Agreements and Month-by-Month agreements. You can also buy one month at a time.

Q: Can I do Personal Training, Group Training or Classes without being a member? Click For Answer

Yes you can. We are pleasantly surprised as to how many people drive across town due to our program. So, there is just a small daily fee for non-members to participate at our fitness center.

Q: Who do I speak to if I have a question about my membership? Click For Answer

Every day, we have a Customer Service Manager on duty during the time the gym is open because we want to offer the best service we can. This person, also the owners, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Q: Can fitness center members bring guests to the health club, and if so, how often? Click For Answer

When you become a member, we give you passes that you can use for family and friends. After you use these passes, and you would like more, you can buy additional passes at a discount.


Q: How do I schedule classes, group training (clubs) or personal training? Click For Answer

Since we always want to make things easier for you, we have an online scheduling program that you can access once you are a member. You will be able to view and schedule all the classes or training online, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Q: Where can I find the small group fitness schedule? Click For Answer

The Group Fitness schedule is available by clicking here. You will find a list of times, descriptions and instructors for each Group Fitness class for the month. There are also paper schedules at the front desk for your convenience.

Q: How do I find out about health club events? Click For Answer

We will keep you in the loop with member emails and event listings on our website, www.GoFitnessCenter.com. If you are not receiving our emails please leave your correct email address with the front desk staff so you can be added to our distribution list.


Q: Is there someone there to answer my questions? Click For Answer

GO: Fitness always has staff available to assist you. Therefore, there is never a time during the day when we don’t have more than one staff person here to help. As a result, this separates us from other gyms. We have as much as twice the staff of other gyms, and they’re trained 4 times more, to assure that you get the best experience possible.


Q: I saw a workout pad outside, so do I have to train outside at Go: Fitness? Click For Answer

Not at all! Since we know that some people love being outdoors, so we’ve provided an outdoor area for our trainers and clients. Most of all, it just adds to the fun. But if you’d rather work out indoors, we’re ready to serve you there as well.

Q: I’ve never exercised before. If I join, can the health club help me with a fitness program, and will they teach me how to use the fitness equipment? Click For Answer

YES! We are very proud of our ability to make a new person feel comfortable in the gym, and teach them how to use the equipment. Once you’re familiar with the equipment, you can use our ActiveTrax online program to create a personalized workout and nutrition plan for yourself and complement it with your monthly personal training consultation. In addition, if you want more guidance, you can always talk with a personal trainer about one-on-one or group training.


Q: Do I have to work with a Personal Trainer to be a member of your club? Click For Answer

No. While a personal monthly consultation is included in your membership, you are not required or pressured to purchase any additional training.

We just talk a lot about our Training Program because so many people say it is one of our best features. It is one of the things we are known for, in addition to our functional training equipment and customer service.

Q: Do you offer personal training? Click For Answer

We are known, most of all, throughout the United States for our personal Coaching program. Click here to get more information.

Q: Where can I find the small group fitness schedule? Click For Answer

The Group Fitness schedule is available by clicking here. You will find a list of times, descriptions and instructors for each Group Fitness class for the month. There are also paper schedules at the front desk for your convenience.


Q: What is Functional Training? Click For Answer

While we have an entire article on Functional Training here, the short of it is this: Functional Training is exercising in a way that is fun and integrates the body to work together. You train in multiple planes, multiple directions, and with a variety of equipment. You will also feel better, look better, and move better in real life situations.


Q: Do you have programs geared for athletes who require improved sports performance training and conditioning? Click For Answer

Most of our coaches have trained athletes for specific sports and we have programs for all sports. In addition, if it is a youth athlete, we have our own sports performance facility right down the street. It has expert instruction and many convenient class times. You can find more about our sports facility and what we offer on GO: Sports Performance.


Q: Are teens allowed to workout at GO: Fitness Center and do you have programs for kids? Click For Answer

While teens are between the ages of 14 and 17, they will need to work out with parents or a coach, when they are at GO: Fitness. This is for their safety, and the safety and convenience of the other members. At the age of 18, a member can work out on their own, provided they are respecting other members, the GO: Fitness staff, and our equipment.

We also have a sister facility, GO: Sports Performance, right down the street. GO: Sports is geared toward increasing the athletic skill and strength desired and needed by most junior high and high school athletes. It has expert instruction and many convenient class times. Click here to get more info on GO: Sports Performance.

Q: Do you have childcare? Click For Answer

Right now, we do not have childcare.