Why You Need A Plan

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything”
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Talking about taking a trip with friends or saying you’re going to live a healthier life are great goals, but if you don’t create a plan to follow through with them — it is very unlikely you will actually go on that trip or live a healthier life!

By creating a plan you’re organizing your thoughts. Forcing yourself to recognize any issues that you’ll need to deal with, and allowing yourself to figure out how to overcome them.

You are also planning your actions. This can be meal prepping for the week or saving enough money in the next month to put down a security deposit on a beach house.

Planning your actions will help you keep on track for your goals, as well as saving you time and money. This may be the biggest benefit to planning. It cuts down on procrastination by having an organized schedule that saves time. It will help you cut costs, because you have a plan in place and will not be jumping around from idea to idea trying to decide how to go forward. So, to be successful in whatever your goals are, create a plan and stick to it!

-Coach Lindsey

PS. Remember, if you have any questions about how I, or another Coach, can help you make a plan contact us!