• Various Equipment
  • Power Plate
  • TheraGun Percussion Massager
  • Theragun Vibrating Rollers
  • TrueStretch Station
  • Sandbags
  • Bulgarian Bags
  • Various Bars

Overview & Demonstration

Pre-Workout Activation Routine

Warm-Up Exercises

Active Warm Up

Movement Preparation

Pro User Orientation Training

Inhouse Intro Video

How To Turn on your Theragun

How To Treat Golf & Tennis Elbow

How To Treat Glutes

How To Treat Upper Back

How To Treat Deltoids

How To Treat Shoulders

How To Treat Carpal Tunnel

How To Treat Calves

How To Treat Lower Back & QL

How To Treat Hamstrings

How To Treat Quads

Wave Roller Glutes 1

Wave Roller Biceps at Hand

Wave Rollers Quads

Best Post Workout Stretches using the TRUE Stretch

Functional Flexibility

Back Pain Solutions

Hip Flexors




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